-The company started to work in 1982, with a business orientation initially to Marine Electronics.

-Although the company was almost new in its establishment however it had the big advantage to be organized and managed by expertise people who are rendered to spread the smack of the success in the sales of Communication and Navigation Electronic Equipment.

-The philosophy was to join the partial forces to obtain the practice of shielding the manufacturer’s interest to allow him a business track easily and effectively.

-Based on that we developed the suitable market criteria which are now the weapons of our Company being pictured on the following format:

a)Selection of viable electronic companies with a good name in their objective.
b)Cooperation with companies or individual agencies outside of Greek territory which are capable of providing an essential tracing to the proper manufacturer.
c)A fruitful and longstanding network with authorized key people to patronage our projects in the various fields of interest.
d)After sales support in keeping the customer alive in providing him with the following assets:
-Spare parts provision on agreed time schedules.
-Updated information on the new products and their further exciting features.
-Fully coverage on the technical support if it is so needed-Future project’s feasibility based on his budget and current requirement demands.

-Moreover the peculiarity of the Greek market in the land business made us to follow the same policy to cover many as possible of the customer requirements within the domain we are dealing with.

-This purpose was finally achieved, despite the organizational difficulties due to the big variety of the products, by cooperating with manufacturers of a wide range of products.

-Our company possess a good portion in the Greek market providing complete marketing, engineering and technical support for all promoted electronic equipment and systems.

Companies we represent:

MACGREGOR / Interschalt Maritime Systems A.G
(VDR-SVDR –NAV/COM Maintenance contracts)

GIcom Marine Communication
(Intercommunication & General Alarm Systems)

(Equipment & Systems for Safe ,Economic & Ecological
Operation of ships)
Torque meter, Fuel Consumption Monitor,Power Monitor,
ESOS ,Etrim & Vessel Tracker((EVT)

Cooperation with various Companies in abroad to support Sales and Service for:




Any other Navigation & Communication System case by case .